Around the Pic du Midi

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Around the Pic du Midi

Not only will you be spoiled for choice during your stay on our estate, but there are plenty of adventures in the area such as parks, lakes and sports at different times of the year, or all year round. A wide array of activities for solo adventurers, couples and the whole family are available. Here in the chateau grounds, these include walking, cycling, horse-riding, trampolining, swimming, archery, a children’s playground and of course, wining and dining.

However, if you feel like exploring beyond these amazing surroundings, here is a selection of the best activities you can enjoy nearby, although you may still discover so many others.

Sporting activities

If your holiday or event becomes a bit too quiet for you in the chateau, why not wander out in the region and let some steam off. First of all, you can discover the highly-rated golf course located nearby. In fact, the Golf de Pallane has it all. You will be able to practice your putt on your own or enjoy some easy-going competition against your friends.

In the wintertime, you may get to enjoy the pure-white scenery, but you’ll be able to go skiing all around the Pic du Midi. This is definitely a must! At other times, and in the warmer season, you might prefer a greater connection to the rivers and waterways. In that case, why not go kayaking or canoeing on the Baïse river nearby.

Les Canoës de Baudelaire will offer you all you need to refresh yourselves, from a quiet family stroll on the river to a more adventurous course, crossing over waterfalls and other obstacles!

Different ways to discover the area

There are multiple ways to discover a location, and the Pic du Midi is no exception. There’s always walking and hiking where you can discover the beauty of the landscape ‘as it is’ and go at your own pace. It’s a great way to truly relish the views, look out for wildlife and exercise all at the same time. Of course, it’s also an activity you can share with family and friends, young or old. If you prefer to increase the pace, why not go cycling in the mountains? Again, this is a fun – even exhilarating – way to appreciate your surroundings. You can choose to go for shorter or longer rides.


For a more action-packed day-out, a quad bike can be entirely yours for the day at Quad Concept. If you’ve never driven one before, don’t worry, these machines are easy to use and everything will be explained by the professionals. There is a choice of small rides with your family, or longer journeys that allow you to get to grips with a quad even better. Have you ever dreamt of going on a hot air balloon? Well, this is exactly what Montgolfières de Gascogne are offering you. This can be the perfect romantic moment, or just a quiet and unusual way to discover the region from the sky. You will definitely be able to soak up the beauty of the scenery just like the birds, for miles around.

Time to relax

After all these adventures, you may feel like you need some “you” time! So, to relax and unwind, a visit to the Thermal Bath is an absolute must. The setting is perfect with its abbey and some breath-taking ruins. You can decide to go to the spa to revitalize both mind and body through the jacuzzi, massages, thermal baths, and much more. Or, you can choose to join a thermal cure program for a week or more.


Another relaxing activity is the boat tour. Again, this is a must in the Pic du Midi. This will allow all the family to unwind while enjoying the landscape from the river’s perspective. You can go with the tour or just rent a boat and go at your own pace. What a great way to spend the day! Don’t forget your picnic!

As you can see, the sky’s the limit in terms of finding memorable things to explore near the Pic du Midi. You can choose either to wallow purely in the tranquil beauty of the grounds or contrast it with one or many day-trips further afield. So, what are you waiting for?

Photos by Mélody P, Les routes sans fin(s), Jon Ander, Clément ROY, Vincent Guth