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Discover Yourself at Le Marteret

At Château de Marteret, we believe that the journey to self-discovery begins where the paved road ends. Nestled amidst the pristine landscapes of the French Southwest, our estate offers not just a picturesque retreat but a sanctuary for the soul. Through the lens of the Vortex philosophy, we encourage you to reach out and touch the natural world—be it the tactile sensation of leaves beneath your fingers or the cool embrace of our private lake.

Here, you’re not merely a traveler. You’re an explorer of landscapes both external and internal, guided by the belief that the most rewarding adventures are those that lead you back to yourself. Whether you’re a nature lover, a rest seeker, a romantic traveler, or anything in between, Le Marteret is your setting for self-discovery in its purest form.

At Marteret Castle, we discovered a piece of heaven on earth. An unforgettable experience!

Michael M., guest

Flexible Accommodation for Every Need

Le Marteret

  • 15 Guests
  • 7 Bedrooms
  • 5 Bathrooms

With 7 double rooms, Château de Marteret is the perfect fit for groups ranging from 2 to 15 guests. Experience unparalleled comfort and luxury, whether you’re here for a family vacation, a wedding, or a business seminar.